Tile & Stone Floors

Nothing compares to the lasting beauty of authentic tile and stone floors from Fante. We take such tremendous pride in the many custom installed floors that beautify homes in the region with these natural and aesthetically pleasing flooring products.

Tile offers unparalleled creative opportunities to make your personal spaces work for you. I suppose that is why we love working in these flexible and durable products. Come on in to visit our studio showroom and learn more or we’ll be happy to bring the “selection truck“ to your home so you can test and compare at your home or place of business.

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Clean and simple

Stone and tile floors have remained a staple for our homes wet areas forever. The near impenetrable surfaces enable us to laugh off stains* and maintain a sanitary surface and appearance. But have you thought about stone and tile elsewhere? Yes, foyers and entries of course? Anyplace where people might leave debris.

  • Slate tiles and inlays
  • Ceramic and Porcelain tile
  • Polished or tumbled Travertine
  • Natural stone accents
  • Cultured stone and marble
Come to our showroom to see our best selection of natural stone, cermaic and and vinyl tile products.

The Showroom

We don’t think we’re exaggerating to say “You have to see it to believe it!”
We have an expansive selection of tile floor products in a well-lit, easy to review atmosphere. We encourage you to take as much time as you need to tap our experience and determine which flooring options are best suited to your needs. We factor budget and durability while making sure you get the look you’re after! Come on in and see for yourself.

Free Estimates
Thinking about tiles or stone flooring? contact us today for a fast, free estimate on your project.

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Mohawk Floors Tile Kitchen Design from Fante

Shop @ Home!

Why travel when we can come to you! When you shop at home with Fante it’s like having a Floor Showroom in YOUR home! We bring a truckload of samples and you can see them in the color, lighting and comfort of your own home.

Wall to wall carpets range from our simplest super value floor coverings from h ome or commercial use all the way to custom cut and sculpted products.

In the Bath

The first room many of us associate with tile flooring is our bathroom. For sanitation reasons alone it makes a great choice, but when you factor how pretty it can be and how flexible you can be with your design it's clear.

Mohawk Floors Tile Kitchen Design from Fante


Kitchens are not only where most of us spend a lot of our home time but are also the heart of every home. Kitchens with full tile floors are full of life and have a depth of character. We’ve helped customers design and install countless kitchens for homes of every size. Come have a look at the amazing variety and styles.

Tile floor entry way by Fante Flooring.

Foyers & Entries

Natural stone or sophisticated tile is one of the strongest ways to lend grandeur to your foyer or various home entries. As a hard and tough surface it’s both durable and is naturally attractive.

Tile floor entry way by Fante Flooring.

Special Design

Fante can bring your best ideas to life. Bring your greatest ideas to our creative team for review and we'll make it happen.

Styles & Colors

Come on in and check out our truly vast selection of tiles for floors walls and backsplashes. We can help you with creative design and installation that will help your dream room come to life.

Wall to wall carpets range from our simplest super value floor coverings from h ome or commercial use all the way to custom cut and sculpted products.

Expert Installation

That weekend TV show may make it look easy but you want experienced professionals installing something as important as your floors.
Fante Floors has been installing Hardwood Floors throughout the Delaware Valley area for generations. We’ve seen it all and always get the job done correctly.

We hhave the experience to bring your vision to reality.

Crafted Perfection

It takes a dedication to craftsmanship to master flooring and we bring that to every job we take on. We can’t think of a flooring more permanent and creatively expressive than natural stone and tile floors. We have the real-world experience to assure that projects are installed correctly to your specifications and built to last. It’s important to assure that your stone or tile floors are installed by experienced professionals like Fante.

Wall to wall carpets range from our simplest super value floor coverings from home or commercial use all the way to custom cut and sculpted products.

Our Brands...

Fante is an established dealer for the best and biggest flooring products manufacturers. These are some of the more common brand name tile and stone flooring products we supply and support. To see a more complete list of the brands we represent have a look here.

  • Marazzi USA
  • Dal tile
  • MSI
  • Happy Floors
  • Lint Tile

We can also provide design and installation for nearly any brands of flooring product. If you don’t see a specific manufacturer you’re looking for we can help you find it. Come in, give us a call or send us a contact - simple!